Code of Conduct

To the end of providing a suitable environment for use of the library, the following forms of conduct are not permitted in the library or on library property.

  1. Loud conversation, which is disturbing to people in reading/studying areas.
  2. Sitting on stairs or tables: and/or blocking or interfering with individuals.
  3. Loitering with no intent to use library services.
  4. Playing of audio equipment at a level that would be disturbing to others.
  5. Shoes and shirts must be worn. Bathing suits must be covered with a dress or shorts and shirt.
  6. Bringing animals into the library except for working dogs or for use in programs authorized by the Library Director.
  7. Smoking and other uses of tobacco and/or tobacco substitutes including, but not limited to, e-cigarettes, etc.
  8. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.
  9. Soliciting, surveying, selling of any kind, political campaigning or distribution of leaflets not specifically approved by the library administration.
  10. Theft, mutilation, and defacement of library property, including building, grounds, equipment, restrooms, and materials.
  11. Running or other disorderly conduct in the library.
  12. Children under age of 7 not accompanied by an adult.
  13. Refusal to leave the library at designated closing times.
  14. Use of skateboards, skates, and roller blades.
  15. Harassment or invasion of privacy or library employees or patrons.
  16. Refusing to comply with the Library’s Internet policy.
  17. Sexual contact, exhibitionism, or abuse of any kind to another person, such as but not limited to physically harming, threatening or disturbing other patrons or staff and/or passing to staff or patrons of undesirable, suggestive, profane or objectionable materials is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The Board of Trustees and/or the Augusta Safety Department will address such behavior.
  18. Carrying of any type of weapon, concealed or not.

A person conducting any of the above actions will, after a warning by library personnel, be asked to leave the premises for that day. A person who persists in the disapproved conduct, and who refuses to leave the building and grounds when requested, will be subject to the reporting of such incident to the local police.