KINDLE User Instructions

To use the e-book service, you will need:

· An Augusta library card, offered free of charge and available at the circulation desk.

· Access to a computer.

· E-reader device such as a Nook, Kindle, Sony e-reader, iPad, iPhone, etc.

· OverDrive Media and/or Adobe Digital Editions software.


Directions for Kindle Users

                For Kindles, you will need an account with and a Kindle device or app.  Kindle apps are available for download free of charge and are available for all major systems.

Go to to select your books.  If a copy is not available, a hold can be placed on it, or it can be added to your wish list.

Once you have found your items, place them in your cart.  Be sure to use the Get for Kindle button.  Next, click on Proceed to Check Out.  After this, click Confirm Check Out.  Next, click on Get for Kindle.

You will then be taken to the website.  Once you’ve logged into Amazon, you will see a screen with your item on it.  Choose your Kindle device and click on Get Library Book.  The book will now download once your Kindle is turned on.

Once your library card and software packages are installed, you are ready to begin to check out e-books!


Sunflower E-library Check Out Policies

· Check out limit is five items.

· Maximum cart items is 7.

· The cart expires after 30 minutes.

· The hold pick up period is 3 days.

· The number of items you can have on hold at one time is 7.